Sunday, November 28, 2010

Plastic Clay. Erm, I mean Polymer Clay.

Polymer clay is one of those unique mediums that needs no special talent or skill to make it "work". You don't need to memorize a bunch of steps, you don't need to do a bunch of crazy measurements, and you don't need really anything but the clay and your hands(while additional tools can help, they are not necessary). It is was I like to call a stress-free beginners craft. But don't let the beginner part fool you. There are some people out there who have learned how to take polymer clay to the next level. Although such a skill can be wonderful to have, nothing extraordinary is expected from you. All you need is an open mind and the willingness to explore. Having said this, I am going to share a couple of examples of my polymer clay creations(the ones I can find pictures of anyways). They are not jaw dropping, but they are a good example of how you can use polymer clay to make something custom and one of a kind.

I made this for my partner, InstantKarma, in the "Off to College" swap. I bought a photo clip stand from the dollar bin at JoAnns and decided I would customize it with an octopus as it was an animal she admired. So out came the polymer clay.

For the same swap I also made some banana earrings(us crafters are a quirky bunch). My partner also enjoyed banana imagery.

I encourage you to get out there and buy yourself some polymer clay at your local craft store, because there are a world of possibilities just waiting for you. If some day you choose to make human figures, I recommend checking out this tutorial on making hands.

Happy Crafting!

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