Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Miscellaneous Crafts I Have Made

This is a cross-stitch I made for myself. I am a fan of the TSA and commercial flying, so this was something I knew I needed to make.

(Photo compliments of Dorkgrl26)
I did this acrylic painting of "Imposter", which was a t-shirt I own from Woot!, for Dorkgrl26.

This is an acrylic that I made for my ex's birthday. He was a big Jim Henson/Muppet fan.

(Photo compliments of Dorkgrl26)
I made these silhouettes for Dorkgrl26 of her husband (then boyfriend) and her. It took a lot of work to make it a surprise. I had to find 2 separate photos of her and her husband around facebook. Do you know how hard it is to get side view photos of people on facebook?

(Photo compliments of GatorWrangler)
This is a set of items about Walt Disney World I made for GatorWrangler. Shown is a board for her to display her Disney Pins. It is a cork board painted with each theme park icon. There is also marble magnets painted with mickey heads and some that spell "Disney" in WDW font. And last is a painted door hanger themed to Tower of Terror.

(Photo compliments of CamOovas)
I made a stone chip tree of life pendant for CamOovas.

I cross-stitched this pin for myself.

This is an example of many of the magnetic bookmarks I have made. I have one for myself, but the rest are usually placed in geocaches.

This was my first embroidery that I made for SlyFox as a thank you. It is mostly backstitch.

These are some marble magnets I sold on etsy when I had a store for a short time. The design came from typewriter key paper I had.

A small example of the many lip balms and labels I have made. So far flavors have been bubble gum, cherry berry, and peppermint. Family and friends have received these as well as klg_jlg and  bananaleg.

This was a pillow set I made for my ex and I. We lived 2 states away after college and this was a way to feel closer to him. Ignore the Dawn dish soap spot. It came off once I washed these.

A glass bead necklace I made for no one in particular.

These are silhouettes I made for my parent's 25th Anniversary. It is of them, my brother and I. I asked them if I could take "mug shots" in order to get the photos. It worked, they had no idea what I was up to.

I spent my 21st birthday at Epcot. Given this it was only fitting to make a tshirt in Disney script. That was the year that they were giving park admission to guests on their birthday. I already had tickets, so they gave me the value of a day ticket in the form of a gift card (then valued $79). Ignore the bridges, I filled them in after the photo.

This is a linoprint I made called "of the moon"

Some "Handmade by:" tag I made for heath_face.

A coptic stitch paint chip mini notebook for heath_face.

An example of the many logbooks I make with weathered sticks and paint chips for letterboxing.

A homemade (using #6 clear plastic) shrinky-dink tag I made for my Maltese nephew, Jack, for xmas.

Heart-shaped crayons I made for my niece for xmas.

Peppermint lipbalms I made for my brother and sister-in-law for xmas. I had to create the peppermint design using MS Paint.

A birthday card I made for my sister in law. To make the candles I used embroidery floss dipped in modpodge to stiffen them. Then I wrapped them in scraps of paper that were used in the wedding scrapbook I gave her 5 years before then. The actual card is two pieces of thin cardboard that is used in the middle of fat quarters, and then bound by tied embroidery thread.

On top are examples of my geocaching signature items which are marble magnets. The middle ones are also marble magnets. Some I kept, some my mom kept, and the rest were given as gifts. On bottom are a couple of lotion bars from a batch I made. I gave some to my brother and sister-in-law for xmas.

These are my wooden nickels I make for geocaching. I buy wooden blanks and then carve my own stamps to make these.

These are a mini version of wooden nickels I use for caches that are too small for a regular size one (like pill bottles and film canisters). I also carve the stamps for these. The image on the left is the logo.

These are mustache pint glasses I made for my brother for xmas. They are chemically etched.

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