Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sew Sew Sew

Just sharing some of my sewing projects...

(Photo compliments of  heath_face)
I made this crochet hook roll without a pattern for heath_face. It is heavily based on one I had received from ccswch.

I made these heart pocket heat packs without a pattern for texscrapper.

These felt s'mores were also made for texscrapper without a pattern.

(Photo compliments of Lady Pistola)
This is a set of heating pads I made for Lady Pistola. The smaller ones are pocket versions. A while before that I made a heat pack for tonistagg that had a slipcover in this same fabric.

This was a taggie I made without a pattern for my niece that I presented at the baby shower.

This bib was made for the same niece, also presented at the baby shower. The bib pattern came from One Yard Wonders.

And again, this sock monkey was made for the same niece and presented at the baby shower.

This is a sock monkey I made for babalina58.

I made this tea holder without a patter for my mom to replace the ziplock bag she would carry around in her purse.

This dead leaf pillow was made without a pattern for CamOovas. I made one for my sister-in-law upon request.

This Capri Sun coin pouch was made for Dorkgrl26.

This is a felt sleeve I made for those daily med packs that Wal-Mart gives.

This is a coaster I made without a pattern for my bedside.

I am a geocacher. I made these felt sushi without a pattern to be Travel Bugs (trackable items the travel from geocache to geocache/geocacher to geocacher). The shrimp version is named "Mochi Mochi" and the California Roll is named "Ni Hao". They were in a race to Asia. Mochi Mochi made it first to Asia and made it to Taiwan. Ni Hao is currently in California.

This felt fortune cookie is also a Travel Bug I made. I named it "O-mikuji". His goal is to have the geocacher that handles him write a fortune for the next person. The fortune before them is meant for them.

This is a jewelry roll I made without a pattern for my sister-in-law.

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