Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yarny Goodness

Just figured I would share some of the yarn projects I have done...

This wool was died with Kool-aid. I received a kit in a craft swap from InstantKarma. It is an easy process, though I am unsure of how the "dye" holds up.

This is a crocheted amigurumi of Dizzy from Animal Crossing. I made for Girlwithapurl without a pattern. Animal Crossing is a game on GameCube, Gameboy Advance, and Wii. It is highly recommended.

(Photo compliments of heath_face)
This crocheted polar bear was made for heath_face without a pattern. She promptly named him Iceburg. I hosted heath_face's penguin named Icebox three times. One of the times I sent him home I sent along this polar bear.

(photo compliments of Dorkgrl26)
These crochet slippers were made for Dorkgrl26. I had also made a set for writer_crafter a while later. I thoroughly enjoy the pattern as it is fit to the wearer. It has instructions like "keep going until it is the length of your foot".

This was a crocheted makeup bag and cotton crocheted face cleansing pads I made for my sister-in-law. I also made the lip balms and labels on them.

Bottom Roots
This is a crocheted terrarium I made for AlternaWidget without a pattern. 

I made this tiny crocheted elephant for CamOovas. It is cute, but man is it hard to crochet worsted weight yarn with a...B hook was it? Yeah, probably never again.

I created this thermostat cozy for a Craftster Challenge about creating cozies for things that do not need them. I called it "Geothermal 2.0"

(Photo compliments of QuiltersBlock)

These crocheted bookmarks were made for QuiltersBlock, Homerof2, thedreamer, and itchyfingers. Unfortunately because of the pearl beads, three of the four pictured on the bottom went missing. I recrafted one of them, came up with my own patten (top photo) to replace another, and did a paper craft for another one.

I made these mini crocheted flower pins for myself.

This crochet handle market bag was made for heath_face.

This crocheted strap market bag was made for my sister-in-law for xmas.

This is a yarn bomb I did for International Yarn Bombing Day '11. Ironically the sign is missing, but the yarn bomb is still there as of 4/17/13!

Top of Beanie
This was my first real knitting project. I guess I am daring for using DPNs (double pointed needles) for my first knitting project huh? It was a great project to start knitting.

This knit bat was my second knitting project. I have made 2 actually. One for me, one for a friend's grandson's birthday. I plan on making more, including one to give to my niece alone with a Bats at the Beach book. This pattern can be found at moshimoshiland.

This cable knit bracelet was made for heath_face made from the yarn that was given to me in a package by elociNNicole.

These knit fruits were made for miknessevie. They were a nice quicker project, though I am still a slow knitter.

These knit sheep were made for my sister-in-law's cousin. They are made of partially spun wool roving. The "loop" stitch that was used for these sheep were a slow process, but worth it in the end.

I made this knit puppy for my niece. She was unborn at the time and I presented it at the baby shower. My niece is going to be 2 years old next month.

This is a knit lamb I made to enter for a fair. I have not yet entered it. I love how it is a wonderful example of stitches and techniques. It includes stockinette stitch, 1x1 ribbing, moss stitch (like the seed stitch, but 2 stitches high), reverse stockinette stitch, short rows, picking up stitches on the side, cables, working in the round, and seaming. It is probably the most diverse project I have ever seen when it comes to techniques. I hope the judges notice. I think I may make another for my nephew that is due at the end of August. I do have a bear from this same series that I am working on,  though I only have a few rows so far.

This was my 3rd knitting project. It is a Fair Isle Scandinavian Mitten. This is the traditional shape of a Scandinavian mitten. This was my first fair isle (method of color change) project. I still have yet to make the second mitten.

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